And Then I Read: SURVIVOR’S CLUB 3

SurvivorsClub3Image © Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen & Ryan Kelly

The horror show is out in the open this issue, with previously unseen or partially seen evil companions and crazed killers doing their thing. I have to admit that I’ve not ever been a fan of this kind of thing in film or TV, but somehow I can accept it in comics. Perhaps the comics page is just far enough removed from reality. If there are any characters in this book without twisted back-stories and horrific secrets, I’d be surprised, but some of them seem well-used to their own strange lives, like the lookalike pair of women who seem nearly indestructible both physically and emotionally, and the pint-size process server with a really repulsive partner.

The writing and art on this series are both well done, but if it keeps on getting darker and bloodier, I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it. So far I’m in.


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