And Then I Read: SURVIVORS’ CLUB 4

SC4Image © Beukes, Halvorsen and Kelly.

The story lines of the first three issues are set aside to allow the exploration of the very odd Muskagee House, which has been talked about earlier as both an actual haunted house and the setting of a horror film series. We explore the actual house (I think) in the company of one of its ghosts, and meet several others, as well as the husband and wife team of religious ghost-busters who are the living inhabitants. It’s a trippy tale that makes it hard to tell what’s supposed to be real and what’s coming from the imagination of the ghosts, or even the horror films. It has some chilling moments, but in all the tone did not convince me or draw me in. Rather it kept me puzzled and unsure what to think about the purpose of this diversion. There have been some creepy haunted houses in comics, but this does not come across to me as one of them when all is said and done, and it raised more questions than it answered.

Mildly recommended.

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