And Then I Read: SURVIVORS’ CLUB #5

SurvivorsClub5FCCover illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz.

This issue kicks things back to the larger story of a 1980s video game that has twisted the lives of a group of young people who played it back when, and is returning to mess with them again. Some have gone off the deep end, others are already strange enough in their own ways to apparently hold their own. The pair of sisters who are somehow more than human are creepy and fascinating as they interrogate one of the less lucky folks. Another escapes from a mental hospital to wreak havoc in a hospital. Meanwhile, two men in Portland who seem to have resurrected the hellish game are making their own plans, and somebody has a really nasty neck bite with something hidden in it. I don’t quite know what to make of this book, but it has me in its grip, even though I have no interest in video games. The characters, the writing and the art are all good reasons!


One thought on “And Then I Read: SURVIVORS’ CLUB #5

  1. clem robins

    Survivors’ Club is a book i didn’t like to see cancelled. it was nightmarishly complicated to work on, but it was also fun and satisfying. i’ll be sorry to see it go. thanks for your positive review, Todd.

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