And Then I Read: SURVIVORS’ CLUB 6

SurvivorsClub6An excellently creepy cover by Bill Sienkiewicz leads off this issue. I have to confess I’m losing track of the characters’ back stories, but they remain interesting and fierceĀ in various ways when attacked by the evil presence of the 1970s video game that has haunted them all for decades. The game seems to have become the embodiment of several kinds of horrible creatures, and its secrets are still unfolding. Chenzira tracks it to its lair of sorts in a small town called Silverweed Cove, which looks like a place one shouldn’t go to. Meanwhile, the two Alices have a house full of “guests,” one of which makes a shocking entrance. Then there are the hanging people being used as hosts for growing larvae. Plenty of jarring incidents and images by writers Dale Halvorsen and Lauren Beukes and artist Ryan Kelly, with some inks by Mark Farmer.


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