And Then I Read: SWAMP THING 11 & 12

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Issue 11 presents Anton Arcane in all his creepy glory returning from the dead to attack his niece Abby, Swamp Thing’s sometimes partner. Swampy is resting/regenerating after his last battle with The Rot that got Abby back, but there’s not much rest for him, as The Green calls him back to face this new threat.  Both Arcane and Swamp Thing have some new tricks as avatars of The Green and The Rot, respectively, and it’s a good battle that ensues. The end of the issue leads into…

The beginning of a new crossover with ANIMAL MAN, “Rotworld.” I haven’t been reading Animal Man, and don’t plan to, so we’ll see if this storyline holds up for me in just SWAMP THING. Issue 12, which is part 2 works okay for me, aside from the character interactions between Abby and Animal Man’s family. I don’t recall them very well from when I was reading the title during Grant Morrison’s run, but I’m sure I can get up to speed on that. The two “men” are inside Rotworld in what promises to be a chaotic adventure. Swampy is keeping his powers together through a long tether vine back to the bayou, but you can probably guess that doesn’t last too long.

I liked the art by Marco Rudy with some inking help on 12 by Dan Green and Val Staples, though at times the character faces seem to lose focus. But they do the creepy stuff quite well.

So far so good. Recommended.

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