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Since I’m not reading ANIMAL MAN, I’m getting only half the “Rotworld” storyline. I think half is about enough, maybe more than. As often happens, we’re in an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it situation, with most of the population of earth apparently wiped out or part of The Rot, with only a small island of The Green still fighting, the area where Swampy finds himself. Sorry, but I can’t buy into this scenario. If it were happening in all the DC books, maybe, but even then you know it’s going to be temporary. I’d much rather focus on the smaller but more interesting stories of a few key characters, as we were before “Rotworld” began. Yes, it’s a chance for Swampy to get large and stomp on things, but really, so what? The few pages devoted to Abby in this issue were the only ones that really interested me. The art by Yanick Paquette is great, though his layouts can be difficult to “read,” which doesn’t help a story like this which is already somewhat confusing.

In this title we have the alternate world Huntress and Power Girl battling Robin from the current Batman and Robin title. Have they always been on the same world, or did something happen that I missed? Maybe it happened in the EARTH 2 book that I’m not reading.

In any case, Paul Levitz tells a good story almost in spite of the lack of explanations as the ever cocky Robin tackles a Huntress who used to be a Robin on her original Earth. Lots of nice dialogue and entertaining action. The Power Girl story has her trying to track down “energy” from Apokolips, Darkseid’s world, where the monster she’s recently faced apparently came from. Again, nice character moments even though the story doesn’t get far. The art by Kevin Maguire on Huntress and George Perez and Sandra Hope on Power Girl is mostly quite good, though Maguire’s final image of PG is pretty far off model. I like the note on which the issue ends, makes me want to know more.

SWAMP THING is not recommended this time, WORLD’S FINEST is.


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