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Okay, I admit it, I probably shouldn’t be reviewing this comic. It’s involved in a crossover with ANIMAL MAN that I’m not reading, and getting half the story is not fair to the writers.  On the other hand, I enjoyed SWAMP THING until this crossover began, and would like to continue reading it, I simply find what I’m being offered here too incomplete to make it worthwhile, and the kind of story being told (epic battles in a dystopian future) are not appealing to me in any case. If I were buying the book, which I’m not, I’d stop buying it. Guess I’ll see how I like it after this crossover ends and reassess then. The art by Yanick Paquette is great, though his panel layouts are sometimes hard to follow.


In this book, writer Paul Levitz is handling two characters who are quite different in style and power level, but nonetheless friends who help each other when they can, not unlike the original WORLD’S FINEST team of Superman and Batman (with Robin). The obvious cast for the book, and what would probably have been done in past decades, is to team Supergirl and Batwoman (or Batgirl), but this is fresher and more fun. The story begins with Huntress taking a hit from a terrorist sniper while under cover in Manhattan, and continues with Power Girl pursuing the sniper’s funding source in the Middle East. Interspersed among these we have some flashbacks to Huntress’s childhood on a different Earth where she was raised by a different Batman and Catwoman. All three storylines are interesting and well done. The art by George Pérez, Cafu and Cliff Richards is all good, with the Pérez pages as the standouts for me.

WORLDS’ FINEST is recommended.


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