And Then I Read: SWAMP THING 27


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Alec Holland has lost his battle to be the avatar of The Green, and has been banished to their own place, a sort of heaven for past avatars. Unlike most of the residents, he’s not happy with that situation, not ready to rest and relax and let someone else take on The Green’s problems in our own world. Fortunately he finds another former avatar with a similar desire to escape the green prison. Writer Charles Soule continues to entertain me by finding new aspects and areas of the Swamp Thing mythos to explore, and by making Alec Holland as clever a man as he always should be. Power does not impress me, determination and good ideas do, and in this issue, Holland has them all. The art by Jesus Saiz is excellent, perfect for the story and characters.

Highly recommended.

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