And Then I Read: SWAMP THING 4

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

I’m beginning to admire what writer Scott Snyder is accomplishing in this series. His main character is a reluctant Alec Holland, trying to resist the call of The Green to become Swamp Thing again. He manages to do that without it seeming like a retread of the Alan Moore series, and some of the more adult themes of later Vertigo versions, since the character is now back in the DC Universe proper. The enemy is Death, but a much different one than we’ve seen in other DC comics like Sandman. This death is also an elemental force of decay and destruction nicely opposed in every way to The Green, and taking power through a little boy with serious health problems. While he’s busy terrorizing a small Texas town, Alec and The Green are having it out in his dreams, while Abby is beside him, but no longer connected to The Green: in fact an enemy of it, so it says.

The art for this issue by Marco Rudy is quite good, with innovative layouts and creepy visuals that often reminded me of the Alan Moore years, but again, without seeming like a retread. Fine work.


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