And Then I Read: SWAMP THING 5 & 6

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Scott Snyder is doing a nice job with this book, bringing some chills of terror, scary moments of horror, and as Stephen King might say, when those don’t work, grossing us out. Those bloody dead animals do it for me. The storyline is compelling despite that lack of an actual Swamp Thing for the most part, with Alec Holland still in human form so far, even though he’s coming around to the idea that The Green needs him. Trouble is, he might be too late. The Rot has made a preemptive strike that looks pretty effective, and its agent, the young boy who is a brother to Abby, is wreaking quite a bit of havoc himself. Abby has been trying to fight The Rot with Alec, but it looks like she’s also been gathered in, making things pretty bleak for the Green side, and everyone alive.

The art on these issues, by Yanick Paquette on 5 and Marco Rudy on 6, is quite excellent, though I do have to point out one thing that really bothers me about that cover above. Yanick, what were you thinking? Why did you put the signature right over the character’s arm? Quite distracting! His interior art is lovely (and where necessary horrible) though. Rudy, in 6, seems to have been studying John Totleben’s work on this character, and the results are also quite well done, and/or horrible where needed. Good job all around!


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