And Then I Read: SWAMP THING #5

swamp-thing-5-coverImage © DC Comics.

When I began reading this mini-series, I thought the cast and storyline were very pared down, almost too simplified. Of course I should have expected that veteran writer Len Wein was only setting the stage for bigger drama and more great characters to convey it. Alec Holland has regained his human form by trading the Swamp Thing persona with his old friend Matthew Cable. That hasn’t worked out so well, as Cable has now revealed himself as a power-mad would-be world ruler who is threatening the planet’s major cities and governments with the vast power of The Green, which he now commands.

Alec wants to stop Cable, but now that he’s only human, how to go about it? He already had help from Zatanna. Now he gets aid from several more of DC’s weird heroes beginning with The Phantom Stranger. I won’t spoil the others for you, but suffice to say, it’s a fun ride with characters well known to long-time readers. Kelley Jones has just as much fun drawing them, and the story kicks into high gear this time on all fronts. I loved it!

Highly recommended.

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