And Then I Read: SWAMP THING 7

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Things have come to the crisis point for Alec Holland. The Parliament of Trees, the heart of The Green, is being destroyed. The Rot is not only infesting an area of the southwestern U.S. but has taken over his one-time love Abigail Arcane and hopes to put her in the center of its new power. Holland has resisted the call to take on the mantle of Swamp Thing once more, and now it might be too late. That’s what most of this issue confronts, and I found it gripping, despite most of the action being seen from a distance, and much of the conflict going on in Holland’s own mind.

I found Yanick Paquette’s art on this issue to be absolutely riveting and brilliant. He’s used a psychedelic plant-based theme between the panels on many pages that is quite beautiful, and it provides wonderful contrast to the often horrific scenes in the panels themselves. Somehow this combination adds depth and resonance to the whole that is transcendant. The page layouts are diverse and creative, the sort of thing I’ve only seen recently from J.H. Williams III. This is really fine work! The coloring by Nathan Fairbairn and lettering by Travis Lanham also add much to the entire package. I loved every page.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Yanick Paquette

    Thanks Master Klein!
    I proud myself of your valuable educated judgment 🙂
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