And Then I Read: TALES OF THE CORPS 1-3


Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This mini-series within the Blackest Night saga is meant to fill in readers on some of the players among the Corps, and does a good job of that, at least for a few of the large cast, telling a few personal stories in each issue. The three covers form one complete image, which is a nice touch — above is the central part. The stories cover the gamut of new Corps colors and branches, as well as the familiar Green, and I have to admit I still find the characters who’ve been around a while to be the most interesting. Some of those covered are Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire), Kilowog and Arisia.


Of those, the art on the Arisia story by Mike Mayhew is the most appealing, having a soft, sculpted, almost pastel look. Lots of other art and artists are here, most in the more realistic range, and you’re sure to find some that you like among them. As a collection of short stories, it’s not a bad series. I don’t think it’s a necessary part of the Blackest Night saga to read, but it does fill in some of the background, and also features full page layouts of each of the Corps colors and their members, if you need a guide,  similar (perhaps the same) as the one in Blackest Night Zero, the giveaway. Not essential but generally recommended.

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