Autumnlands2Image © Kurt Busiek & Benjamin Dewey.

The title of this series is transitioning from TOOTH & CLAW to THE AUTUMNLANDS, after a trademark conflict surfaced. I like both titles.

Inside, a huge floating magical city of wizards and common folk, all with anthropomorphic animal attributes of various species, has crashed to the ground, and the surviving inhabitants are finding no welcome from the creatures who live there that once held them in awe and reverence. As seen on the cover, the Buffalo-species is particularly pissed off, and out to kill some of the magicians and their kin. A magic spell is underway to retrieve a legendary Champion from the dim past, but when he arrives, he seems confused and unable to speak their language. Oh, and he’s human. The plot thickens, and the battle with the buffalo folk is soon underway! Entertaining writing from Kurt Busiek, lovely art from Benjamin Dewey.


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