Autumnlands6Image © Kurt Busiek and Benjamin Dewey

Over the last few issues of this title we’ve seen the wizards and residents of the fallen city beset by many squabbles within their own ranks, but the man they’ve pulled from the distant past to be their champion knows the real threats are from outside: the army of bison-men led by Seven-Scars in the forefront, and others waiting to see if they have a chance for plunder. The Champion, Learoyd, has been carefully crafting his plans surrounding a parley with Seven-Scars. Or will it be a duel to the death? Writer Kurt Busiek knows how to build suspense, and how to deliver the action. Artist Benjamin Dewey is equally skilled at the quiet character moments and the heat of battle. The characters in this book are anthropomorphized animals, but at heart this is a human story where heroism and smart thinking can save the day, or lose it, depending on how things go. There are twists and turns galore. This issue ends the story arc, but not the series, and I’m looking forward to more.

Highly recommended

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