Autumn8Image © Busiek and Dewey.

Just when it seemed that Learoyd, the warrior conjured up from the distant past, was the only human on this strange version of Earth, where the inhabitants are humanoid animals, Kurt Busiek throws a curve ball. Learoyd and his human-terrier companion Dusty are exploring the foothills of a large mountain range, which seems like the Rockies, trying to get away from their enemies, the Bison-men. Rising early one morning, Learoyd finds himself in the presence of a human woman, and one using what seems to be high tech machines. She gives Learoyd new clothes and food while hardly letting him get a word in edgewise, and then is gone. What could this mean?

New, warmer clothes are just the thing as the pair gets into snowy heights, and meet a new sort of enemy, as depicted above. I love the art on this book by Benjamin Dewey as much as the writing.


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