Written by Mark Waid, art by George Perez and Bob Wiacek. Tom Smith, colors, Rob Leigh, letters. DC Comics.

I’ve enjoyed the work of both Waid and Perez for many years, so this seemed like a book I would enjoy, and for the most part it is. The first issue got off to a slow start for me, though. It felt as though everyone was trying a little too hard. I don’t know if it’s true with this book, but in recent years, some of the first issues I’ve been involved with have been the subject of much angst by the editors and staff of the company involved, with lots of tweaking, rewriting, art revisions, everyone putting their oar in, as the expression goes. Then for the second issue, that dies down, and they let the creative team do what they were hired to do. That seems like the case here to me.

Though I love George’s work, it does have a visual richness of detail that sometimes makes it hard to see what’s going on. Here’s a page I had some trouble with.
Brave and Bold 1
Mark’s writing on this first issue seems a bit labored, with two main characters that tend to be rather terse, unemotional speakers. I did like the idea of the threat revealed at the end of the issue though, a clever use of an existing DC artifact.

Issue 2 is a much more relaxed and thoroughly fun comic. It doesn’t hurt that Mark has been writing one of the leads, Supergirl, for some time now over in THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. In this story she’s delightful, playing tease to Green Lantern’s sobriety. In an earlier time, Mark Waid could have been writing snappy dialogue for Cary Grant comedies. This is just as entertaining. And George’s art also seems more relaxed, he’s having equally as much fun. Here’s a good example.
Brave and Bold 2
Supergirl as the cute little girl in the wrestling pit is hilarious. Nice work on the display lettering by Rob Leigh, too.

Issue three continues in much the same vein, with both writer and artist cutting a swathe through the DC Universe, grabbing up a handful of characters to fool around with, and inviting us along for the ride. So what if the plot is somewhat confusing and contrived, its fun, go with it! I’ll certainly continue to.

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