And Then I Read: THE BRONZE AGE OF DC COMICS 1970-1984


Image © DC Comics and Taschen.

This is the third giant coffee-table book spun out of the even bigger book on the entire history of DC Comics by Paul Levitz from Taschen. The years it covers include some when I worked there (1977-84), and in 1970-77 I was an avid collector and sometimes a buyer of old comics for a friend’s used book store, so most of the material in this volume is familiar to me, unlike a lot of the Golden Age volume and some of the Silver Age one. It’s a great collection all the same, with many large examples of comics art from the era, as well as photos of creators, related movie and TV shows, advertising material, and all kinds of rarities, even a few new to me. Paul interviews Denny O’Neil, and does a nice job on an overview of the period followed by spotlights on some of the top creators and genres that often get overlooked. There are a good number of things I worked on inside, mostly uncredited in this book, but still nice to see, and even a photo of me, very small. More on that in a separate blog post. I feel these books are worth the hefty price if you’re interested in comics history, as I am, and I’m glad to have it. While heavy to hold, it provided several evenings of enjoyable reading and browsing.


The Bronze Age of DC Comics by Paul Levitz

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