And Then I Read: THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1965-1966

Peanuts 1965-1966 cover
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These hardcover Peanuts collections are mood-enhancing reading for me. No matter how difficult my day, when I sit down with one, my outlook brightens, and I start to chuckle.

I was a Peanuts fan early on, both in the newspaper, when I saw them (we didn’t always get a daily paper, sometimes just Sunday), and in the paperback collections that I started buying or had given to me in the sixties. These lovingly produced books are still a joy, and nearly all the strips seem fresh and new to me. How could you not laugh at this?

Peanuts strip 1966

Sure, they’re not all funny, but they’re all worth reading. If you haven’t picked up any of this series, what are you waiting for? You won’t find more soul-enriching entertainment for your dollar. You can start with the first one (they’re all great!) or pick up any one and have a wonderful time.

One thought on “And Then I Read: THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1965-1966

  1. Tommy

    I have been wanting ALL of these books for a long time but have been kinda broke lately. I do plan on collecting the entire set someday. They are beautiful. Once, while traveling in Kansas, we saw an art exibit of his original work at the Wichita Museum of Art, it was incredible. The guard could tell we were HUGE Peanuts Art Fans & he said, “Hey come here, this is the original drawing table he drew the strip on for 50 years…touch it”. It was a religious experience, ha ha!

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