And Then I Read: THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1979-80

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I’ve enjoyed every one of these PEANUTS reprint volumes, and number 15 is no exception. I’ve stopped looking for a falling off of quality in the work, I don’t see any. Yes, it’s not exactly the same strip it was in 1950, but it’s just as good. If anything, it’s more varied in themes and characters, and the art looks just fine. Perhaps the only way to detect the era is in occasional topical references, as when Peppermint Patty says she’s “last in the computer ranking” at school, or when Snoopy plays tennis with his ears tied back in a bandanna, looking like John McEnroe. But those are in a small percentage of the whole, much of the time the strip continues with ageless themes well developed in the past, and still entertaining, from Lucy’s crabbiness to Charlie Brown’s baseball team to Snoopy and the Red Baron.

One of the new bits that I love has Snoopy trying to figure out what kind of bird Woodstock is. Considering he was born about 10 years ago in real time, and has grown not at all, I’m sure it’s a question Schulz was asked a lot, and when Snoopy tries out different species on the little tweeter, it’s quite funny, particularly if you’re into birdwatching as I am.

There are lots of laughs in this book, and when you’re not laughing, you’ll probably at least be smiling a little once per page, if not more. I can’t think of a better way to spend some reading time. Highly recommended!

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