And Then I Read: THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1995-96

Peanuts95-96FCImages © Peanuts Worldwide LLC

For the last few volumes of this series covering 50 years of Charles Schulz’ wonderful comic strip, I’ve been waiting for it to go off the track. Get bad. Show that Schulz had overstayed his time. We’re almost to the end, and it hasn’t happened! The lines may be a little shaky at times, but the writing and humor are still sharp and hilarious, and the drawing remains a case study in casual simplicity that is much harder than it looks.

Peanuts95-96dailyOkay, there are a few more of Charlie Brown lying awake at night pondering his fate, and I have to say I’ve never found Snoopy’s brother Spike funny (more sad than anything), but there’s hardly a page in this book that didn’t make me laugh or at least smile. What a remarkable achievement.

Highly recommended

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