And Then I Read: THE DANGEROUS JOURNEY by Tove Jansson

This is the final book in the Moomin saga, and it’s a short picture book for younger readers, but so full of action and suspense, it seems longer. It was published in 1977.

The story begins with Susanna who thinks her life is too peaceful, and she longs for danger. A pair of magic glasses appear, and when she puts them on, everything changes, and won’t change back. Susanna flees from one danger to another until she meets some old friends from other Moomin books: the Hemulen, Sniff, Thingummy and Bob, and Tooticky. Together they continue to flee new dangers that keep threatening them, until at last they are able to climb aboard a large passenger balloon in hopes it will bring them to safety in Moomin Valley.

The finale of this book is the best part, a last visit with the Moomins, and a satisfying if brief conclusion to the Moomin epic from Tove Jansson. Recommended.

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