And Then I Read: THE DREAMING #12

Image © DC Comics. Written by Simon Spurrier, art by Bilquis Evely, colors by Mat Lopes, letters by Simon Bowland, cover by Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn

Comics today are written in story arcs that can be neatly published in standard-size collections. This issue finishes the second story arc of the title. As a continuing series, a story arc should appear to have a beginning and an end allowing closure, but leave room and teasers for more issues. The arc has focused on the search for Dream (Daniel), who went to the waking world, had an affair that ended badly, and then on to other realms such as Faery and Hell. The characters Dora and Matthew the raven have been tasked with finding him, using Dora’s innate ability to travel to any realm. They were given the task by the current ruler of The Dreaming, a strangely moth-like being who is also said to be a machine intelligence.

Sensing change and a vacuum of power, emissaries of other realms have gathered at the gates of Dream, where Abel and the moth creature must deal with them. Some of them would take The Dreaming for their own, by force if necessary. Meanwhile, Lucien has been brought back to The Dreaming, but is very ill, and Dora and Matthew have returned with their report. Elsewhere, men who have brought about the current situation are scheming.

Not a bad issue, some things of interest happen, but I don’t think the illusion of closure is very well served by Spurrier’s script this time. It was not satisfying on that level. Still, recommended.

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