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I happen to know how difficult it is to write a how-to book on lettering, I did one in 2003. Nate’s new book is an excellent one focused on digital lettering that exhaustively covers every aspect of the topic in much more detail than I could, and it includes up-to-date information and lots of time-saving methods and ideas that I had no clue about, or that weren’t possible when I did my book, which is now out of print. This is not only a worthy successor, it’s exactly what anyone wanting to know about digital comics lettering needs to get started, and everyone already doing so will find plenty of helpful information here to make their work faster and better. Nate’s text is clear and easy to follow, and the book is packed with step by step tutorials and examples. Chapter Five on Balloons, for example, has over 230 images. The large size of the book (8.5 by 11 inches) and the generous page count (256) make room for a wealth of information. The one area not covered is font creation, but these days there’s little need for most letterers to do that, and it could probably fill another book anyway. The foreword by Orzechowski is well done, and the printing and paper are great. This is a bargain at $16.99 if you can get it, I understand it’s already selling out, but I expect there will be more printings in the future. Well done, Nate, this is the way to do it!

The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering by Nate Piekos

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