And Then I Read: THE FLASH #10

Image © DC Comics.

Beginning a new storyline here about a man made of darkness. This looks like the long-time villain turned somewhat heroic character The Shade, but he’s not named. If it is him, things have not gone well. Most of the issue is about the new Kid Flash who is Iris West’s nephew, as seen above. He has the speed force, Barry Allen has been training him, and he thinks he’s ready to tackle a new criminal who has turned up in Central City. Barry and Iris think otherwise, particularly because he’s skipping school to do it, and breaking his training agreement with Barry. The new villain, Papercut, has his moments, but doesn’t seem a major threat to The Flash. Apparently his usual Rogues Gallery has left town, leaving room for new criminals and villains to step in. I’m actually more interested in the man of darkness, so we’ll see where that goes.

Mildly recommended.

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