And Then I Read: THE FLASH 11

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato continue to bring the Flash Rogues Gallery back into this title, this time featuring Heat Wave and Captain Cold, at odds with each other as well as Barry Allen. A familiar theme in the Flash mythos, but with a different feel in this version. Barry has decided to let his secret identity persona remain dead to the world, and takes on a new name and job in a sleazy bar in a poor part of Keystone City frequented by some of the criminals that make up that Rogues Gallery. So, he’s on the spot when the two polar opposites start a brawl. Heat Wave is pretty crazy in this version, having already done a lot of damage elsewhere. And at the end of the issue, another old Rogue shows up to join the party.

The art on the issue is by penciller Marcus To and Inker Ray McCarthy. It’s not bad, though less appealing to me than Manapul’s own art, but I can understand him needing a break. The way the story sort of sidesteps many of the previous plotlines makes me wonder if this one was done out of continuity to provide that kind break. If so, it works pretty well.


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