And Then I Read: THE FLASH #2

flash2Image © DC Comics.

Barry Allen’s friend and fellow police officer Detective August Heart seems to have acquired speed force powers through a lightning strike similar to the one the created The Flash. (Guess the chemical stew was not important this time?) Barry is testing and training August to see what his powers are and help him learn to use them. When Barry is called to save reporter Iris West from kidnappers, August tags along and tries to help. The kidnappers have used Iris as bait, and have a surprise for The Flash that he won’t like. As the issue ends, more lightning is striking all over town. Will this create more new speedsters?

An interesting idea, but I’m not sure I like having lots of super-speedsters in this book. I’ll see where it goes. Writer Joshua Williamson is keeping me guessing and reading, while the art of Carmine Di Giandomenico is getting more appealing to me as I see more of it.


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