And Then I Read: THE FLASH 2

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This is my favorite of the Brightest Day titles I’m reading, possibly because it’s telling a much simpler and more direct story for the most part. The focus is on Barry Allen, returned from the dead and trying to pick up the pieces of his life after umpty-odd years. Geoff Johns writes him with the kind of optimism and cleverness I remember from the FLASH comics of my youth, but within a modern environment that at times creates problems for Barry, but so far he always finds a way to speed past them. My favorite segment in this issue is when the villainous Rogues’ Gallery from the future that is trying to arrest Flash accidentally causes a small residential building to collapse. Flash uses his speed to rescue everyone, but instead of being grateful, they all seem devastated at the loss of their home. What does he do? He rebuilds it at super-speed for them. Now, that’s the kind of thing Flash ought to be using his powers for! I bet Julius Schwartz would approve.

The future villains turned cops do add some complications to the story, but not in the kind of overwhelming way that things get complicated in the other Brightest Day titles I’m reading, so I’m okay with it. And I’m continuing to enjoy the art by Francis Manapul, both the loose gray wash rendering and the storytelling are a pleasure to view. Recommended.

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