And Then I Read: THE FLASH 20


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Francis Manapul is back on the art this issue, and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, since Brian Buccellato colors and both of them co-write, only the letterer is needed to complete the story. There can’t be many DC comics with as few as three creators doing the work these days, and letterer Carlos M. Mangual does a fine job, too.

Barry Allen is still picking up the pieces of his life interrupted by previous adventures, and moving in with his girlfriend, Patty, is on the agenda. That brings up the issue of each of their parents, and some nice character development. Barry’s job has changed, too, he’s back in the Police Crime Lab, but relegated to the basement, sorting unsolved cases. More good character stuff there. The action erupts quickly when one of the small group of people trapped in the Speed Force needs help, and Barry soon finds out some things he didn’t know about all of that group, as well as an unusual device back in his basement office. A nice setup for next issue ensues. Well written, fabulously warm and inviting art, great action and even better character acting, and all looking effortless and perfect.

Highly recommended.

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