And Then I Read: THE FLASH #23

Image © DC Entertainment.

After skipping over the “Button” crossover issues, which I’m not interested in reading, I came to this one. Flash and Green Lantern team up, a familiar idea since the 1960s. Could be fun, right. But…

I think this book is trying to draw in readers who are fans of the TV show. Nothing wrong with that, but it makes for too much soap opera moaning and angst here. Barry Allen’s friends and workmates have thrown him a surprise birthday party, but he hardly seems aware of it, as he stands around reviewing all his troubles and worries. Some of his friends are understandably annoyed. Me too. Hal Jordan shows up at the party, and for a moment things brighten up. Then a villain called Multiplex crashes the scene, and action ensues. That part of the issue is more fun, though rather predictable. The twist ending is also not too surprising, so we’ll see where things go next.

Mildly recommended.

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