And Then I Read: THE FLASH #24

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Joshua Williamson, art by Carmine DiGiandomenico and Pop Mhan, colors by Ivan Plascencia & Hi-Fi, letters by Tom Napolitano.

Barry Allen has been forced to put aside his worrying and tackle a tangible threat: Multiplex, a madman who can make as many duplicates of himself as he needs. Hal Jordan is there to help, fortunately. Meanwhile, the Reverse-Flash has captured Iris and Wally West. Wally takes him on as Kid Flash, but his powers seem to be unequal to the task. The two stories converge in the 25th Century.

This was an enjoyable read, with lots of action but also some good character moments. Reverse-Flash seems to keep turning up, but he is a good foil for the Flash team.


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