And Then I Read: THE FLASH #29

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Joshua Williamson, art by Pop Mhan and Christian Duce, colors by Hi-Fi, letters by Steve Wands.

Barry Allen’s powers have been revised by the Negative Speed Force (courtesy of Reverse Flash), making them much more perilous for him to use. First, they are more destructive to people and things around him, something he can’t control. Second, his healing powers are reduced. This means Barry’s recent battle with Shrapnel has left him battered physically and emotionally. At work, Barry is supposed to be investigating thefts from police evidence with a team of three others on the force, and when he finally finds time to get started on that (after having to walk to work: can’t use those speed powers unless absolutely necessary), Barry finds some shocking events have occurred inside police headquarters.

I enjoyed this, the changes to Flash’s powers, though undoubtedly temporary, serve to make him more human and sympathetic, and the other police staff he’s working with are interesting characters, too. Recommended.

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