And Then I Read: THE FLASH 3

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

I’m enjoying this book. Writer/colorist Brian Buccellato and writer/artist Francis Manapul are giving multi-tasking a good name. Speaking of which, they see both Flash and Barry Allen as the ultimate multi-tasker and workaholic, I think a more interesting view of his personality than the original one from the Silver Age, where Barry put on a methodical slowpoke persona. This is a Flash for today, one we can all relate to, as he tries to keep up with all the dangers to the citizens of his home town, as well as as his demanding job in the police lab, and in his “spare time” trying to solve the strange case of his friend’s involvement in a high-tech criminal mob. Things are going okay for Flash in this issue, but definitely not so well for Barry.

Love the art. Manapul’s soft style and creative ways to show Barry’s speed as well as his new mental connection to the Speed Force (from whence comes his powers) are all great.



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