And Then I Read: THE FLASH 3

Image © DC Comics, Inc.

This still seems the freshest and most fun to read of the Brightest Day titles I’m covering, with little Brightest Day involvement that I can see, other than the reborn original Captain Boomerang, one of the characters returned at the end of Blackest Night. He seems in the dark about it all, but has gained some new powers, and is smart enough to use them to get out of prison in the opening sequence. The story switches to Barry Allen, first taking a dressing down from his new boss in police forensics, then with Iris trying to puzzle out an old crime. The Rogues from the future burst in on them and The Flash is once again their target. These Rogues are police from their era, trying to arrest Flash for murder in a somewhat confusing time-travel side plot, but the action-filled battle works well, and just when Flash seems caught…well, you’ll see. Another fun thing in this book is the return of the Julie Schwartz era one-page feature “Flash Facts.” The art by Francis Manapul continues to delight me. Highly recommended.

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