And Then I Read: THE FLASH 31


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

THE FLASH is jumping between two so far unconnected timelines. In the present we have Barry Allen trying to get back into his police scientist job while still fighting crime in his alter ego. Then we have a future Flash, and it’s a very bleak future, planning to use his powers to go into the past and change his wreck of a life. Meanwhile, he’s still fighting characters like Mirror Master. A side plot in the present involves Wally West, the nephew of Iris West, Barry’s reporter friend. I can’t help feeling much of this has been done before, and recently, in the Geoff Johns and Manapul/Buccellato issues, and I’m not really enjoying the writing much. The art also does not appeal to me, it has the highly rendered but stiff and doll-like figure work that I associate with the less appealing aspects of the Image Comics books of the 1990s. The characters have lost the charm and humanity they had in Francis Manapul’s hands that really made them work for me. I think this will be my last issue of THE FLASH for now.

Not recommended.

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