And Then I Read: THE FLASH #4

flash4Image © DC Comics.

There are lots of speedsters in this book now, but so far it’s not repetitive or confusing. We have Barry Allen as the experienced teacher, his work partner Detective Heart (currently injured), Meena of Star Labs, several villains, and a group of new speedsters undergoing training with Barry at Star Labs. Writer Joshua Williamson is juggling all these fast-moving parts well, and exploring the Speed Force at the same time. The main villain this time is Dr. Joseph Carver, whose technology may have created many of the new speedsters, and goes out of control in his own case, created a sort of tornado man who is impressive to see and dangerous. I like the art by Neil Googe, it’s a little less Madison Avenue and a little more Manga than regular artist Carmine di Giandomenico, but excellent in telling this story. I love his tornado-man concept in particular.


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