And Then I Read: THE FLASH 4 & 5

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There’s a lot going on in these last two chapters of the first FLASH story arc. At the center is Barry Allen’s boyhood friend Manuel who has become a secret government agent, and along the way gained a whole host of clones, nicknamed “Mob Rule,” who are acting together as a band of high-tech criminals. They have a problem, though: they’re dying, and in the order they were created. To help with their problem they enlist Dr. Elias, who seems to be the science whiz of the series. Meanwhile the police are trying to keep up with recent incidents Flash as been involved in, and Iris West, reporter, is stuck in Iron Heights Prison, left there by Captain Cold. Barry? Last we saw him he was apparently taking a bullet to the head. At the end of issue 4 we find out how he got out of that one, and see him returning to the Flash persona, and on the way to try to save Manuel.

Issue 5 has Flash catching up with all the situations that developed when he was temporarily out of it, and it’s a struggle even for him. Dr. Elias is trying to help Manuel and Mob Rule with one of his inventions, but things don’t go well there, and Flash must use one of his classic moves to defuse the situation. Trouble is, not everyone is going to walk away. When the dust settles, Dr. Elias has more bad news for Barry, too.

The art by Francis Manapul continues to be brilliant, and he and Brian Buccellato are doing a fine job with the writing as well. I’m enjoying this series, and it’s recommended.

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