And Then I Read: THE FLASH #5

Image © DC Comics.

This series has many shared elements with the CW TV show of the same name, which I watch, but many differences, too. Here, Barry Allen is one of many new speedsters, and he’s partnered with a female speedster named Meena (costume name Fast Track) both in fighting crime and in his personal life. He’s also friends with Iris West (they have a breakfast meeting) and partners at his crime lab job with another speedster, Detective August Heart (they are all helping train new speedsters at S.T.A.R. Labs). Wally West is also a speedster, but one who hasn’t “come out” yet. Meena offers to train him on her own time, and Meena and Wally do an accident rescue together. There are moments and even bits of dialogue that echo the TV version, many other things that are quite different, including the physical appearance of the main characters, but I can see fans of each version enjoying the other. I do. The writing here by Joshua Williamson is fine, the art this issue by Felipe Watanabe and two inkers is also fine. Used to be TV versions of super-heroes could never match the special effects in the comics, but that gap has narrowed greatly. What the comic still has is great art and the chance to study it at your own pace. Also stories you can think about at your own pace, and go back to any time with the flip of a page, either real or digital. And reading lets you fill in elements from your own imagination in a way that watching TV doesn’t, though there are factors there such as good acting that enhance that experience. Both worthy mediums, and Flash is fun either way for me.


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