And Then I Read: THE FLASH #50

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Joshua Williamson, art by Howard Porter, colors by Hi-Fi, letters by Steve Wands.

The Flash War wraps up in this issue amid a blur of similar costumes and constant running. The villain is Zoom, who looks almost the same as The Flash except for his evil grin. He’s been messing with everyone to get the Speed Force disabled so he could enter Hypertime and choose the reality that works best for him. Barry is, of course, trying to stop him. Wally West wants to retrieve his lost children, wiped out by previous time changes, but here has joined Barry to try to stop Zoom. Wally looks almost the same as the other two except for his open-topped hood showing his red hair. This blends into the red of his costume, though, so in many places I found it hard to tell the leads apart. In addition to the Speed Force, other Forces have been unleashed. Then there’s Hypertime, the 25th Century, Iris and the other Wally, the disabled Justice League, and more. It’s the conclusion of a complex story, and I’ve read the other parts, but I still had a hard time following all the nuances and plot elements. As it often does, it comes down to who can run faster, and whether right will triumph over wrong, so that part’s clear enough. I have to say that this title, and Flash books in general over the last ten years, seem top-heavy with concepts, changing realities and plot devices, and could use a purge to get things back to a simpler plan, in my opinion.

Mildly recommended.

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