And Then I Read: THE FLASH #6

Image © DC Comics.

Six issues into this Flash revamp the storyline is so complex, and there are so many characters, that I’m beginning to lose track. I can only imagine someone attracted to it by the TV show and trying to figure things out. Doesn’t seem likely. Some of the names are the same, some of the roles are similar, but otherwise it’s pretty far from the TV show. Nothing wrong with that, but some sort of recap and character lineup at the beginning of each issue would be a smart thing to add.

Of the many new speedsters in Flash’s Central City, Godspeed is dangerous one, killing other speedsters and taking their power. Barry Allen blames himself for failing to stop it, as does Wally West. One of the victims was Barry’s new girlfriend Meena. Reporter Iris West is willing to help, but so far hasn’t been able to do much. A confrontation between Godspeed and Flash takes some surprising turns.

I like the art and writing on this, but the story seems unfocused and overly complex to me. Mildly recommended.

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