And Then I Read: THE FLASH 6

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue wraps up the second Barry Allen returned storyline, the first being in the miniseries where he returned, of course.  It’s a storyline involving two Flash Rogues Galleries, one from the present and one from the future, and with time travel involved, things are bound to get complicated. Geoff Johns does a good job of keeping things straight in the wrap-up, explaining where necessary, but not filling the pages with tons of text. The true villain behind the trouble both Barry and his wife Iris have gotten into is revealed, and his motivation, while twisted, makes sense in a villainish sort of way. Barry’s appearance before a judge in the future is rather odd, particularly when the judge is completely masked the whole time, but it does allow him to figure things out and what to do about it.

While there are some talky bits, there are also plenty of fine and exciting action scenes, all drawn beautifully by Francis Manapul. I love the style he’s using on this book, it feels so much more natural than most superhero comics, but none of the drama is lost. Great stuff all around, and while Brightest Day is on the cover, it doesn’t seem to have any real impact on the story, except perhaps on the very last page. Recommended.

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