And Then I Read: THE FLASH #7

Image © DC Comics.

It’s somewhat unusual to have a story open with narration by the villain, but in this case the villain is a former Flash ally, August Heart, another of the many new speedsters in Central City, and one who has taken on the role of Godspeed. Heart has been stealing the speed force powers from the other new speedsters, often killing them in the process. Now he’s confronting Barry Allen with much greater speed powers than Barry’s. Some of the mysteries of this storyline are explained in his narration, and Barry takes time out to interact with Wally West and others as his new understanding grows. Nicely written by Joshua Williamson. I’m continuing to enjoy the art by Garmine Di Giandomenico, which has a loose, designy style that at times reminds me of Carmine Infantino when he inked himself.


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