And Then I Read: THE FLASH 8

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The Flash is trapped inside the Speed Force with another guy named Turbine who spins like the old Flash villain The Top — perhaps he’s meant to be the new version of that character. Against a dizzying backdrop of scenes and stairways that defy logic in the manner of Escher, Turbine tells Flash a lot about the Speed Force that the speedster didn’t know, but ultimately it leads to a battle that throws each of them out of their strange trap. We don’t see where Turbine ends up, but Barry Allen is thrown into another world of trouble involving sentient gorillas. Back in Central City, ceremonies are mourning lives lost in recent Flash-related battles, and Barry’s friends are wondering what happened to him. There’s quite a lot of exposition in this issue, but I found it interesting all the same.

The art by Francis Manapul continues to charm me, one of the most creative looks for a superhero comic on the market in my opinion.


One thought on “And Then I Read: THE FLASH 8

  1. RobM

    I agree with you about Manapul’s artwork. It’s the reason I started by the book, albeit late to the party (issue 7). I kept see screenshots of these beautiful and inventive splash pages that had all the good qualities of classic mid-century advertising art while still looking distinctly like comic art. And I’m pleasantly surprised by his storytelling – visually and plotting.

    BTW, thanks for a great blog.

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