And Then I Read: THE FLASH 9

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Wow, it’s great to see Francis Manapul back on the art for this title. I’ve missed him. I really love the style he’s using on FLASH, it brings so much warmth and humanity to the characters. The story by Geoff Johns is also good this issue, even though it’s setting up the next big event, “Flashpoint,” something I’m not really looking forward to. But here, we get some quiet character development between Barry Allen and Iris, among others, some intriguing mysteries that will no doubt blossom into frantic events soon, and overall a comfortable glow indicating everyone having a pretty good time: the characters and reader alike. The final reveal is unexpected, but in a book with lots of time-travel themes, appropriate.

Here’s some of that wonderful character development and great art. Ah, if it could only all be more like this…

Highly recommended!

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