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Writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen continue their time-travel story from the monthly comic, though with no real explanation to readers that this book is part of a continuing storyline. It does, at least, begin at a beginning rather than in the middle of something, and that beginning is Barry Allen’s first day back at his old job at the police crime lab, and doing a little juvenile delinquent capture on his way in. Turns out a bit later, the juvenile is reporter Iris West’s nephew, Wallace West. Longtime FLASH readers will know he’s being primed for a super-heroic role, but we don’t see that yet.

Meanwhile, Barry is given a case his boss says is one he can resolve quickly. Barry interviews the suspect and doesn’t agree, getting him off on the wrong foot at work already. And as Flash, he gets involved in an art museum robbery where the thieves have powerful futuristic weapons. In an intercut sequence we see an older and darker Flash battling Gorilla Grodd, the rather stupid one from the recent reboot in this series. The two storylines don’t seem to connect yet, making this a long book without any satisfying resolution, something I don’t like in an Annual. The art is generally fine, though I already miss Francis Manapul.

Mildly recommended.

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