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Like the WONDER WOMAN REBIRTH I read yesterday, this is sort of a prologue to the upcoming relaunch of the Flash series, but it does have more of a story. Wally West, Kid Flash, has been missing from the DC Universe for a few years, and has been brought back, first in the pages of the main REBIRTH title, now here. As with Wonder Woman, Barry Allen in this book is having visions, this time of his enemy Zoom. Barry takes his troubles to his father, and we learn in the story that continuity here is rather like the Geoff Johns reboot, also mirrored in the Flash TV show, though they’ve gone to weird places with it there. Wally West as Kid Flash appears to Barry, who can’t remember him at first, but once he does, things change and Wally is alive and well again. (Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but it’s kind of an obvious one.) Then the plot gets into other elements from the main REBIRTH comic I won’t describe here. I like the writing of this book by Joshua Williamson, and the art too, which has a looser advertising art feel than most DC hero comics, and reminds me a bit of Carmine Infantino’s Flash. The artist’s name is Carmine Di Giandomenico.

I wouldn’t call this an easy read for someone who has never followed The Flash, but it would make sense to someone who has at least watched the TV show, so it might well work for new readers. Recommended.

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