Image © DC Comics. Written by Grant Morrison, art by Liam Sharp, colors by Steve Oliff, letters by Tom Orzechowski.

We begin with a team of new (to us) GLs on a crime-fighting mission being watched by the Guardians. One GL, Maxim Tox, seems to be getting the worst of things when his GL ring finger is bitten off, but he has a surprising partner, Floozle Flem, who comes to his aid in a unique way. A third team member, Trilla-Tru, helps mop up the baddies and turn them over to new GL, Chriselon, for transport to New Oa.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Hal Jordan is at loose ends and having a romantic encounter on the road until he’s attacked by some apparent hobos that turn into aliens. Hal has his ring, but isn’t using it because he doesn’t have his power battery. That problem is soon remedied when he connects with Chriselon, who has crashed on Earth with the criminals, giving Hal new work to do. Before long, Hal is summoned to New Oa himself for a fresh assignment. Elsewhere, doings on Asteroid X reveal a surprising threat.

I’ve been waiting to read this since I learned of it a few months ago, and it does not disappoint. What does writer Grant Morrison bring to the Corps that seems fresh? There’s his playfulness with language and expectations, and his sense of humor that’s welcome in this usually oh-so-serious franchise. There’s what seems a comfortable handling of Hal Jordan that feels right, and the new characters and situations are creative and appealing. The art by Liam Sharp is great, incorporating lots of detail and amazing vistas while still keeping things just impressionistic enough bring a personal touch. And how cool it is to see veteran colorist Steve Oliff and legendary letterer Tom Orzechowski adding their unique skills to the team! It’s about time Tom was given a high-profile project at DC again. This is going to be a great series!

Highly recommended.

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