And Then I Read: THE KINGDOM OF GODS by N. K. Jemisin

Third and final book of the Inheritance trilogy. This one centers around the godling Sieh, trickster and god of children, and it takes place about 100 years after the previous book, though of course all the gods and most of the godlings are still around. The world of the books is one where the magic of the three main gods, and their fights and feuds, has a large impact on the normal human-like population, some of whom are of the ruling Arameri clan, who live in the capital city of Sky. Many others live below the sky-high city among the roots of a giant tree that wraps around it, and far more again in the lands elsewhere. Sieh is the eldest godling, first child of two of the main gods: Nahadoth representing night, Itempas representing day, and Yeine, a new incarnation of the goddess representing dawn and dusk. Sieh befriends twin Arameri children, Shahar and Dekarta, sister and brother, and somehow they take away his godhood and make him mortal in a process none of them understand. The event creates a destructive blast in the city, and Sieh is sent away to the gods’ realm to recover, which takes years. When he returns, he must try to find out what happened, and also help deal with a new problem, mysterious and powerful masked assassins who are attacking and killing members of the Arameri clan. Even the three gods seem unable to solve this mystery, but Sieh has some ideas.

Recommended, I enjoyed this entire series.

The Kingdom of Gods by N K Jemisin

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