And Then I Read: THE MIDDLE AGE BOOK TWO by Steve Conley

Image © Steve Conley.

Actually, I read this wonderful webcomic weekly online, but Steve does a fine job with these self-published collections. Sir Quimp and his sarcastic magic sword Maledicta, in a quest for dragons that seems quite impossible, are joined this time by a hard-drinking wizard, Melvwyn, and (according to the wizard) the deadliest warrior and most cunning tracker he’s ever known: Waddlebottom, the Lord of All Ducks. Before long, they’re fleeing from the King, who wants Sir Quimp dead. Will Melvwyn’s unlikely magic cake do the trick?

I continue to love this strip, it’s clever, funny, surprising, and beautifully drawn, colored and lettered by Steve Conley. The very best way to enjoy it is to become a supporter of the strip on Patreon, it’s what pays the bills for Steve, but to see if it’s for you, sample it first at Those award nominations on the cover above are there for a reason. Go see why.

Highly recommended.

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