I lettered the prologue for this BLACK HAMMER spinoff, it appeared in a Free Comic Book Day comic. The rest was lettered by Nate Piekos, who did a fine job of matching the styles I established for the characters.

As inspiration, it takes the Legion of Super-Heroes as a model. 100 years in the future, a group of teens with super-powers band together to fight crime, inspired by the original Black Hammer heroes. In typical Black Hammer fashion, the brief golden age goes dark when Earth is invaded by Martians, and then becomes a police state/dictatorship run by Gravitus, one of the former Quantum League team.

Several of the other former Quantum Leaguers have survived in hiding, and in this series they once again band together with untried heroes to attempt to take control away from Gravitus. They receive unexpected help from several of the original Black Hammer heroes, including the daughter of the original Black Hammer. It’s a well told tale with lots of twists and turns, great characters, some melancholy, some heroics, and a little humor, as you might expect from Jeff Lemire. Artist Wilfredo Torres does an excellent job of capturing that “Legion” vibe from the 1970s while remaining true to the Black Hammer characters established by Dean Ormston. Dave Stewart provides his excellent colors, and everything about this book was a pleasure to read.


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